Firewall (Design, Configure, Deploy & Monitor)

Firewalls are sets of tools installed between an internal network (such as your business) and an outside network (such as the world wide web). By installing a firewall, it ensures your business’s data is protected and secure, and makes sure your employees cannot compromise your systems by accidently or otherwise downloading viruses, spam or other nefarious web programs.

Firewalls can be used to protect wireless networks, emails (POP, SMNP, IMAP) and all types of network systems and software, either protecting you from malware and viruses, or simply from physical attacks and hackers looking to steal your information.

Communicore can build custom firewall technologies tailored to your network and system settings. Don’t risk your business by applying a third party or generalized firewall plan to your company’s vital information — contact Communicore today for solutions built for YOUR company.